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How to spot a fake iPhone:

Mini iPhone

China Version / Edition

Dual Sim / 2 Sim


C-iPhone / CiPhone

H-iPhone / HiPhone

M-iPhone / MiPhone

Sc-iPhone / SCiPhone / KT1 / KA08 / KA09 / i9 / i68

Also watch out for the following fake iPhone "features":


"FM Radio"

"Web TV"

"Expandable Memory"

"Dual Sim Card Slots"

"iPhone Style"


iPhone Buying TipsiPhone Buying Tips
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How to Tell if an iPhone is Real or Fake:, November 28, 2009

Fake iPhones or cloned iPhones are getting harder and hard to distinguish from the real iPhone. We have people who are very curious to know the difference between a real GENUINE Apple iPhone and a clone or fake iPhone.

We constantly track the latest trends and have tried our best to EXCLUDE fake iPhones from our other pages. If you want to see what fake iPhones look like, go to our Fake iPhone page.

Some of the sellers are upfront that they are selling fake iPhones. But there are other sellers who are trying to disguise the phone as genuine. Most of the sellers still put the model as "Apple iPhone", so you have to read the title or listing to pick up on any clues that you may be looking at a fake iPhone.

Have you discovered another fake iPhone model?? >> Let Us Know!

Most common fake iPhone copies:

"Mini iPhone"     or   "iPhone Mini"  << The iPhone only comes in one size!!

"China Version"  or   "Chinese Version"  << These all mean they're a clone, fake, copy, etc!!

"China Edition"   or   "Chinese Edition" 

"China Copy"      or   "Chinese Copy"  

"China Made"     or   "Chinese Made"  

"China Model"    or   "Chinese Model"  

"China Phone"    or   "Chinese Phone"  

"China Copy"      or   "Chinese Copy"  

Most common fake iPhone "Brands" or fake iPhone "Models":


C-iPhone aka CiPhone

H-iPhone aka HiPhone

M-iPhone aka MiPhone

Sc-iPhone aka SCiPhone

CT1  /  i68  /  i9  /  i93  /  KA08  /  KA09  /  KT1  /  SC18

Most common fake iPhone "features" the GENUINE iPhone DOES NOT have:


FM Radio

Web TV

Expandable Memory  << The original iPhone's memory is NOT expandable

Dual Sim card slots aka 2 Sim

"Factory" Unlocked or Jailbroken  << Apple would be crazy to loose this kind of revenue!!

Extra Battery  << The original only comes with 1 internal battery that can not be easily replaced.

Some other things to keep in mind...

"iPhone Style"<< An authentic iPhone HAS style. Fakes have an "iPhone style"

"iPhone Features"  << An authentic iPhone HAS features. Fakes have "iPhone features"

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